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Who is Adventure Travel Family?

(Adventure travel family = Full time travel, unschooling, respectful parenting, faith and veganism!)

Welcome, and thank you so much for visiting our site, Adventure Travel Family.

This is us:

full time travelling family adventure travel family portrait

Ok, maybe that’s not how we usually look. This is us, too:

adventure travel family in england

Those two sleep-deprived souls you see at the top are Patrick and Hannah, parents to Esmae, Eira and Elfie. We are a young unschooling family from the UK who decided to ditch the rat race and sell everything for an adventure around the world, blogging at Adventure Travel Family as we go.

Why do something so unusual?

We aren’t used to doing life ‘normally’; our kids have never gone to school as we decided to home educate. We are Jesus-loving, respectful parenting, now-nomadic weirdos who hope to help other families connect with each other through loving communication and travel.

We’ve been thinking about this trip for almost a decade, and planned properly for around six months. Check out our post on why we’re taking this trip. We’re not from super-rich families, we didn’t have high-flying careers and we haven’t landed in any inheritance. We’ll be working as we go, living on a shoe-string budget and prioritising time over money and experiences over possessions.

Adventure Travel Family: A normal family making unusual choices

We are a really average family, making unusual choices. We make mistakes, get on each others’ nerves and are strikingly imperfect. If you want to see really optimistic people worn down by mosquito bites, hangry kids, sun exposure and sleepless flights with a 2, 4 and 6 year old, Adventure Travel Family might be the blog to follow.

We love talking about respectful parenting and home education (unschooling), and sometimes we might even yabber about our faith or Hannah’s veganism.

Check out our Youtube Channel to see how messy our house is at the moment, follow us at @adventuretravelfamily on Instagram or drop us a line at adventuretravelfamily@outlook.com.

Peace out! Xxx

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