A warm welcome to the Adventure Travel Family blog. We are a travel loving, homeschooling UK-based family and we recently took a family gap year in Asia. We blog about UK homeschooling (and fun educational activities suitable for all families!), family travel and gentle parenting.

I (Hannah, the blog author and Mum of Adventure Travel Family) previously worked in a PRU (Pupil Referral Unit) with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, hence my passion for gentle parenting and education. I homeschool all of our children and none of them have been to nursery or school, we have always home educated and we love it!

Please enjoy our posts and check out what we’re up to now over on Instagram or our YouTube channel! Thank you for reading!

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Our Most Popular Posts

best travel toys for toddlers on airplanes

Our Top 10 Most Recommended Travel Toys

After a year of full time travel with kids, we have finally nailed the best travel toys for toddlers on airplanes, during road trips and for those long jet-lagged hours in hotel rooms! Suitable for all budgets and promising hours of simply no-mess fun, our top travel toys for toddlers has been the inspiration for hundreds of parents concerned about how to entertain their toddlers on an airplane or long trip. Some of the best toys… read more…

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Travel Gear Essentials

After backpacking for a year with mostly just four bags for a family of five, we’ve nailed how to pick the best value travel gear that will do the job and go the distance. Here are our favourite family travel and backpacking essentials, from the best bags to unbeatable packing cubes. Read more…
bali travel blog

Our Bali With Kids Travel Blog + Guide

After spending two months visiting the Indonesian island of Bali with our children, we decided to settle here and make it home. Life had other plans (scroll down to ‘Hell in Indonesia’ to see what happened) but in the eight months we spent living on the island we got to know it very well and have written about our favourite (and less favourite!) things to do in Bali with kids as well as Bali visa info and child-friendly guides to attractions, restaurants, resorts and towns in Bali. Read more…

thailand travel blog

Our Thailand With Kids Travel Blog + Guide

As well as three months’ backpacking pre-kids, Patrick and I spent two months in Thailand with our three young children. We explored the bustling city of Bangkok, snorkelled in the ocean at Phuket, made bio-fuel from elephant dung with a hill tribe, explored temples in Chiang Mai and volunteered at a children’s home on the Thai-Burma border, including visiting a village on the rubbish dump. Our kids came along for all of it and they LOVED it! Here are our posts on Thailand- everything from how to visit the famous Cat Cafes and Unicorn Cafes, to what to pack for a family… read more…

sri lanka travel blog

Our Sri Lanka With Kids Travel Blog + Guide

We travelled through Sri Lanka with kids for eight weeks, ticking off many of the most popular things to do in Sri Lanka with kids including multiple once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experiences. We swam with gentle sea turtles, spotted Blue Whales in the wild, watched a turtle laying her eggs in the dead of night and experienced an incredible safari! We also climbed two mountains, got attacked by dogs (eek), lived without running water for 3 weeks, took the world’s most scenic train journey, saw some of the best sunsets in the world, ate a lot of delicious food and soaked in the sunshine. Check out our most recommended experiences and places to stay in Sri Lanka with kids here! Read more… 

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Our daughter’s accident & brain injury in Bali

Our world turned upside down when our beloved six year old had a horrific accident while in Bali and suffered a traumatic brain injury. This is the story of what happened, how we dealt with the situation while experiencing earthquakes on the island and the journey of her recovery. Read more…